TITAN X8 Heavy-Lift

The Titan X8 is an innovative ready-to-fly UAS, designed for professional and industrial applications. This heavy lift workhorse was designed with three objectives in mind: delivering high performance, modularity, and uncompromising safety. We know you depend on our solution, whether you are working in search and rescue, inspection, aerial photography, mapping or surveying, and our Titan X8 will not let you down.


about xdrones titan x8

The xDrones TTITAN X8 UAV platform came to life thanks to our dedicated engineers, techs, and pilots working out of California and Florida over the span of two years. We’ve invested well over 8,000 engineering man-hours optimizing the fusion of raw power and energy efficiency for the Titan X8. Best of all, by owning the IP, we can guarantee you won’t be stuck with a drone where you have to worry about end-of-life announcements six months after investing in a fleet. Parts will be made available for at least three years from the time of purchase and we will work with you to meet your special needs, including unique payload integration, safety requirements, and special workflows.

Engineered for Performance

TITAN X8 is equipped with 8 brushless motors that deliver over 80 lbs of vertical thrust to carry payloads of up to 14 lbs. The true beauty of the TITAN X8 is its amazing flight time, while carrying a wide range of payloads.

US Made Product

Our product was designed, engineered, and built in our Florida and California offices. We're proud of the American ingenuity and craftsmanship that went into creating this amazing drone.

Priced to Compete

From engineering design to parts selection, we made sure to keep price a top consideration. We knew that creating an affordable product was equally important to quality.

titan x8 features

Learn about the unique technical features that make the TITAN X8 the perfect UAS for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Extended Flight Duration

Hate carrying so many spare battery packs and stopping your mission to swap batteries? We do. That is why the Titan X8 was designed to fly for over 40 minutes without a payload and for over 30 minutes with a 5 lbs payload.

Modular Assemblies

Modularity and flexibility are the cornerstones of the Titan X8. The tool-less modular design makes the Titan X8 easy to setup and use in the field. Arms, legs, batteries and payloads can be interchanged or removed in minutes for compact storage, fast maintenance and in-field servicing. With the Titan X8's modular design you can keep spare arm and leg assemblies on hand and quickly replace damaged parts to be back in the air in minutes.

Compact Storage & Transport

Having an amazing drone that is too big to fit in your car is not useful for many operators. That is why the Titan X8 ready-to-fly kit easily disassembles into a rugged military grade case that can fit in most 4 door sedans.

Easy to Use

The Titan Ground Control System (GCS) features an easy to use pilot controller and elegant tablet for mission planning. The GCS mission planning software makes it a breeze to plan fully autonomous missions, automatically takeoff and land, automatically return to home, and program a fail safe to immediately return home or land if error conditions are detected. Flying a UAS has never been easier!

Safety & Redundancy

Electrical Redundancy: Automatic battery power switching in case one out of the two batteries is damaged - Redundant power regulators and active system monitor that automatically switch power sources if failures are detected and alerts the user - Proven Pixhawk flight controller with redundant IMU sensors.

Motor Redundancy: Titan X8’s coaxial motor configuration can offer redundancy against motor failure. Depending on payload weight the craft can continue flying even if up to 3 motors/propellers on separate arms are damaged.


A quick overview of the benefits and features of the xDrones TITAN X8.
Learn what sets our technology apart from the competition.

Extended Flight Times

43 minutes hover time no payload. 34 minutes flight time with 5 lbs payload.

Built In Redundancy

Built with safety in mind. Redundant motors, esc, propellers, and IMUs.

Modular Design

Quickly change out arm and landing gear assemblies from a durable aluminum unibody.

Heavy Payload Capacity

Carry heavy, important, or custom payloads for commercial and industrial applications.

Custom Power Distribution

Lighter and more powerful! Tidy internals without the rats nests of wires.

Powered Pixhawk

The TITAN X8 is powered by Pixhawk and Ardupilot. Upgrade to Pixhawk 2 is available.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Frame

Our modular frame is built of four arm assemblies, retractable landing gear, and aluminum unibody.

Powerful U8 Motors for Maximum Thrust

We've done extensive research and testing to select the ideal motor to power our TITAN X8.

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High-Quality ESCs & Propellers

We selected the perfect ESCs and Propllers to compliment our motors for maximum power and efficiency.

Long-Range RF and Telemetry

We have selected high-quality radio and telemetry components to ensure solid communication between the pilot and drone.

High-Capacity Batteries

Our drone is powered by a pair of standard 22,000mAh LiPo batteries to minimize the cost and maximize flight times.

Advanced Flight Parameters

The TITAN X8 is a modern drone with all the advanced features you'd expect from auto takeoff and landing to GPS way points.


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